La Caprese   $18

Freshly sliced robust tomatoes accompanied by hand made and locally sourced Bufala Mozzarella lightly seasoned with oregano and extra virgin olive oil.         

Bruschetta (2 pieces)   $13.50

Sourdough bread topped with marinated diced tomatoes, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and basil.                         

White Bait   $18.00

Locally sourced White bait, lightly battered in semolina, sea salt and cracked pepper.     

Polpette   $15.00

Nonna’s recipe, by Chef Antonio, a combination of pork, beef and veal, these meatballs will leaveyou wanting more. Accompanied by sourdough bread.              

Antipasto Platter per Due   $38.00

A combination of cured meats, sundried tomatoes, fresh cheeses, olives and topped with Grissini.
This platter is made for two.            


Risotto alla Milanese   $22.00

A traditional Milanese dish, this light saffron-based risotto cooked with a base including traditional panna and Parmigiano Reggiano.          

Gnocchi Napoli   $20.00

Chef Antonio’s famous, handmade on site gnocchi. A combination of fresh potato, eggs and traditional flour, accompanied by the Chef’s Napoli sauce.                         

Spaghetti con Polpette   $19.00

A traditional dish from Southern Italy, Chef Antonio’s handmade meatballs are the perfect accompaniment to the finest Spaghetti.                          

Parmigiana Melanzana   $22.00

This eggplant based parmigiana is made with the freshest of ingredients. Combinations of fresh tomato, eggplant, fresh Parmigiana Reggiano and freshly grown basil.    

Spaghetti Calamari   $25.00

Pan tossed in extra virgin olive oil, fine spaghetti, freshly cut calamari, capers and fresh tomato base.


Calamari in Padella   $25.00

Lightly seared, semolina coated, hand cut calamari lightly seared accompanied by a fresh garden salad.                     

Fish of the Day   $34.00

Please see our Specials Board.

Scallopine of the Day   $37.00

Chef Antonio's traditional Italian Scallopine seared to perfection. Please check our specials board for today's flavor of Italy.


For the kids (10 and Under)

Spaghetti Ragu   $15.50

A traditional spaghetti bolognese by Chef Antonio.                           

Gnocchi Napoli   $15.50

A kids sized portion of Chef Antonio’s famous handmade gnocchi accompanied by a Napoli Sauce.


Broccolini   $8.00

Pan seared and lightly marinated in extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.                  

Chef Antonio’s Fries   $7.50

Thinly sliced fries accompanied by Chef Antonio's aioli. 

Insalata Mista   $8.50

A traditional Italian garden salad with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.


For Desserts, please see our Specials Board or our dessert window.